We are proudly South African and use the best Grade A Natural cured Full Grain Cowhides.

Our Leather is tanned here in S.A. And Namibia by German tanneries, and had been tested in Germany for tear strength; colour absorbancy; heat shrinkage; and resistance to heat.

This is the heart of your suit!

For men's superbike suits we use guage 1.3 – 1.6mm

For men's casual suits we use gauge 1.2 – 1.3mm

For ladieswear we use guage 1.1-1.2mm

Shoulders& Elbow Protectors in all mens superbike jackets

Hard Kevlar CE- Protectors are FIXED into the Leather panels in the Elbow & shoulders. (Never buy a jacket if protectors are in the lining – it will shift when you fall and not protect you!) The protectors need to be fixed into your sleeves & shoulders.

Shoulders& Elbow Protectors in all ladies protectors

If you're racing yourself we suggest you also go for the hard Kevlar protectors. Standard in all our ladies jackets are the CE -approved Eva foam/rubber combination protectors -all imported from Europe.

Back Protectors

A Hard Kevlar Back protector can be purchased separately – it straps on underneath your suit; otherwise if you opt for the slight softer one, it's also available. ( See pic's under Other Accessories)

Standard Eva Foam Back protector is mounted into ALL jackets.

Zips & Thread

We only use YKK No. 10 Spiral zips in all centre front garments

(It's the same that's used in Tents)

In pockets & sleeves, we use a YKK no 5. spiral zips

All spiral zips have been tested to be the strongest zips available.

The Thread we use is a Polifil 36 – lubricated nylon thread. The method used for lubrication & strength causes the thread to be very expensive and of the highest quality. (To compromise and use a cheaper thread, is to throw away our dignity.)

If one uses a cotton based thread, it will rot after some years, depending on the amount of sunshine and rain it had endured.

(Many imported goods are made with cheap cotton thread – be careful!)

Established in 1987, Vivante had good & solid years of experience in the manufacturing of Leather as a main product. Until 1996, mostly wholesaling was done and Vivante only supplied shops & businesses. During this year though, we started marketing our products directly to the public, due to individual requests & customised products.

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